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  December 2012
Olivier COURAGE n°219
  November 2012
Prothèse intermédiaire de hanche par voie d'abord antérieure avec le positionneur de jambe Medacta pour table orthopédique dans les fractures du col du fémur n°218  
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Hip dysplasia due to insufficient coverage of the femoral head is a structural deformity that affects 4% of the Caucasian population and is the cause of 48% of cases of osteoarthritis requiring hip replacement . The option of preventive surgery carries its own risks; meticulous examination of each patient’s individual case is necessary before deciding whether it is indicated. We consider that shelf arthroplasty by a minimally invasive approach is the simplest surgical procedure, has no major complications and has been the best assessed . It does not close the door ... Read More
Ph. Chiron

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Heldé, E. Revue


Use of a consumer electronic handheld device (iPhone™) to measure the Cobb angle in acquired localized kyphoses: A reliability study. Handheld computers combined with cell phones have spread rapidly through the market to the point that virtually everybody has provided himself with a powerful pocket computer with connecting capabilities and more. The positioning sensor embedded in some of these devices makes them useful measuring stations, combined with real-time computing capabilities that ...
F. Jacquot, R. Rigal


Dr Frederic Jacquot, an orthopedic surgeon from Hôpital Saint Antoine, Paris, took part in the SAMU/EPRUS mission that landed in Port au Prince on January 29th 2010. He worked for 12 days at the Adventist Hospital in Diquini, Haiti. The mission was housed in the gardens of the mangled French ambassador’s mansion. Six hundred. We are six hundred fellows Frenchmen – and women, some say six hundred and fifty, but certainly not more than seven hundred says the security guard. This is ...
F. Jacquot


Recurrence of dislocation after a first episode requires surgical treatment in one out of four cases.1 Many different procedures have been described so far, which can be broken down into two main categories: surgical procedures on soft tissue are considered more anatomical (e.g. Bankart procedure, the gold standard); those using a bone block were pioneered by Latarjet. Although the Latarjet procedure (in which a coracoid bone block is positioned flush with the anterior-inferior border of the glenoid) ...
L. Doursounian, A. Debet-Mejean

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Treatment of complex displaced fractures of the proximal humerus is challenging. Management of a comminuted fracture in poor quality bone with a conventional fixation device is difficult,13 not to mention the potential risk of post-traumatic necrosis of the humeral head,10 nonunion or malunion of the tuberosities.2 In such situations, Neer advocated the use of hemiarthroplasty11. But what was a success in Neer's hands was not in others' hands and many surgeons were disappointed by a high rate of ...
G. Griffet, J. Berhouet, Ch. Le Du, Luc Favard


By nature, the patellofemoral joint has low congruity. Passive stability is provided both by the bony structures (congruity between the patella and the trochlear groove) and by the medial and lateral ligaments. Active stability depends on correct tension of the quadriceps muscles on the one hand, and on passive medial-lateral soft-tissue balance on the other hand. The patella needs both passive and active stability to transmit the quadriceps muscle force during flexion and extension movements, whether ...
D. Dejour


Anthony YEUNG
Anthony Yeung is an American orthopedic surgeon who was born in China and is well known for his ...

Jean-Louis Doré
For its 40th anniversary the Société Orthopédique de l'Ouest (SOO) held its annual conference in Tours. ...

Francis CHAISE
Francis Chaise has greatly contributed to the development of surgery of the hand in Nantes. At the ...

Michel-Henri Fessy
Ten years ago Gilles Bousquet died tragically and prematurely. This issue of Maitrise Orthopédique ...

Jean-Yves Maigne
Jean-Yves Maigne heads the Department of Physical Medicine at the Hôtel-Dieu Hospital in Paris. For ...

Ian Kelly
The tall figure of Ian Kelly is a well-known sight at meetings of shoulder surgeons. Ian is known ...

Jean-Claude Pouliquen
Jean-Claude Pouliquen has dedicated his life to paediatric surgery. He has been heavily involved ...

When, during the three days of the Glorious Insurrection in 1830, Parisians fought and died for their ...

Michael Saleh
Michael Saleh practices at the University of Sheffield, Great Britain. He has spent a lot of his time ...

Jean Puget
Jean Puget organized and chaired the International Hip Congress '99, held last autumn at Toulouse. ...



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